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Xactimate roofing supplement list

xactimate roofing supplement list Click Change estimate status to Complete. When you use variables, you don’t need to enter actual quantities for a specific price list item. billed at $99/hour in 10 min increments. We leverage Xactimate pricing for our estimation. You can expect to do 20-25 Xactimate estimates per day. com. The standard waste factors applicable to roofing are 10% for gable roofs and 15% for hip roofs. . Removal of valley metal, vents and items other than shingles and felt are not part of the consideration provided in Xactimate for shingle tear off. If you order an EagleView it provides the quantity for square feet, ridge, steep, step flashing, drip edge, eaves, rake, and valleys. We have written thousands of estimates in Xactimate for every imaginable type of damage. Add the additional items to the estimate. For a quote on your roofing service needs, give us a call at 214-321-9341 now! For many, Xactimate is one of the most essential tools for sketching, scoping, and estimating damages from virtually any kind of event. ESTIMATE- Roofing line Item Estimate & Bid Form given to property owner or agent when a detailed "Xactimate" type roofing bid is requested or needed. Tarping a roof 100% can be a great profit generator for roofing contractors, and can help win more roofing jobs in your roofing sales and roofing marketing. The amount of waste (i. Double-click on the price list item, then click OK to add it to your estimate Steve Shannon made a point that older versions of the Xactimate training workbook had a specific section on OSHA requirements for roofing estimates because it is so complicated. Xactimate pays quite a bit when estimating and installing correctly. It details the loss clearly and professionally, which makes it easier to communicate the loss with adjusters. shingles (PER SHINGLE) 4 RFG 240 Xactimate Roof Estimating Training. The second column refers to the Quantity. Complete Breakdown of Roof / Wall Planes. We know how to work with adjustersr to get you paid on insurance claims. Insurance companies use a program to estimate damages to your property called Xactimate. com. Xactimate Review. It was the first and is still the most experienced 3rd party Xactimate estimate writing service. Xactimate uses variables to represent different measurements. Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC is the second largest roofing company in the area based upon roof permit volume. With over 12 years of construction industry experience, David specializes in restoring, repairing, and maintaining residential, commercial, and industrial roofs. If you've been a roofing contractor for a period of time and have yet to I used the Restorationai software to write out all my explanations on the supplement and saw that clearly instructs the adjuster on what Xactimate Codes to use to write the supplement properly. To answer the original question (8 months later) . 80 likes. This service is for contractors that know exactly what the y want in their estimate. Primary function includes, but not limited to, creating Xactimate estimates and supplements for residential roof, interior, and exterior claims and engagement with the insurance carriers to discuss estimate. Sketch and scope a roof. If your roof is 2500 square feet, it will be listed as 25 SQ. I ended up writing my own estimate for $7,000. and the focus on getting to the table first. Right click a column header; Select Show Sup Column. Possible Items You Can Use to Supplement Insurance Claim Roofing Estimates. Search Price List by Division link to see a list of all divisions in the price list. becaues that’s where you want to end up. It has many different trades to write an estimate on. Apply to Estimator, Construction Estimator and more! 205 xactimate writing jobs available. If you have all the measurements and calculations, fill in the blanks on our roofing form. This hands-on course includes video instruction, training simulations, labs, and certification prep assessments. 1. The square footage of the roof is based on SQ or 100 square feet. if you have four turtle vents, then it will say 4 EA. A commonly missed item is starter shingles. Once within the Component List, select the option to view Retail Labor Rate components. Below is a list of all the API's available to call with the url and parameters expected. Cons : Xactimate needs to improve their takeoff tools in order to make the software more easy to use at the time of calculating quantities. Sometimes these items get accidentally overlooked by newbie adjusters, while sometimes they are intentionally omitted due to different roofing philosophies, or possibly as a tactic to save on claim payouts. By bringing: the list of trades, additional items, contracts, and invoices, it becomes easier to win the Overhead & Profit Argument. Component List of an Xactimate estimate. com. And come on, it’s a deductible. so true! last two deals I signed were signed on the back patio. ” Who gave the insurance Adjuster the authority to interpret, ignore, or change the locally adopted building codes? Reason 3: “Because Xactimate doesn’t say so”. We have compiled a list of the 9 most common items found missing from adjusters’ estimates that our clients use to supplement insurance claim roofing estimates. 4 states that “roof covering materials shall be delivered in packages bearing the manufacturer’s identifying marks and approved testing agency labels. Deutsch (Deutschland) English (Australia) English (Canada) English (United Kingdom) English (Ireland) English (New Zealand) English (United States) Français (Canada) Français (France) Nederlands I’ve been in the business for 5 years or so and have yet to run into this with the “bigger” insurance comapnies. Xactimate estimates gives you a professional looking estimate with your company logo and information. Xactimate Estimator/Supplement Manager (Remote) available afternoons available evenings Roof supplements? Not a problem, Ive handled thousands. And rightfully so, as this one small adjustment means a $60-$200 per sq difference on roofing jobs. watched your video on the roofing sales presentation…. There are over 205 xactimate writing careers waiting for you to apply! xactimate work. From your sketch, Xactimate automatically calculates material and labor quantities for construction of walls, floors, footings, and roofs. Pros. 40. shingle roof material only. Here are snippets of samples that are covered during a three-day class: BH Houston Roofing Uses Xactimate While we do not use the Xactimate program to write up every insurance estimate, we do use the very important and proprietary price list as a guide. S. We are a third party supplement and Xactimate estimating company dedicated to helping our clients and their customers in navigating through the insurance claims process. Module 1 ~ Roofing Supplements the M~F Money . Xactimate Training for Contractors Learn How To Use Xactimate Like A Contractor…. Can someone please help me by screenshotting Xactimate’s supplement list… Mar 22, 2018 · Possible Items You Can Use to Supplement Insurance Claim Roofing Estimates. Xactimate Roofing Supplement List. Not all Xactimate supplements or estimates are the same. 148 likes. WC represents the square feet of the walls and the ceiling. For the most part, pricing is Fare in the state of NM. We write the Xactimate estimate supplement. If you have all the measurements and calculations, just fill in the blanks on one of our forms. Sketch and scope an interior. In other words, the insurance companies own the software program for which their adjusters write estimates for claims. R. 80 “BUT” that is for a new roof without siding installation that’s easy. Roof layouts; Decks, stairs, and other home features; To specify materials and other line items, just select from the price list, then drag and drop onto the plan. They’ve been kicking back several items because they want Our Supplement Claims Manager, recently said; “ I’d rather fight O&P in the middle of the job within another supplement for the job, then fight it out initially. . At the least professional, you have people presenting themselves as someone who could fix a homeowner’s roof correctly – when they might have no intention to. Price changes to a Retail Labor Rate here will affect prices in all items in the estimate that use this Retail Labor Rate. Using Xactimate, SFY Assists Roofing & Restoration Contractors, both Residential and Commercial, with Roofing Insurance Supplements using extensive industry knowledge and tools. 4. Xactimate supplements and estimates are billed by the hour. Providing photos with your supplement estimate will help avoid many time-consuming arguments as to why labor and materials should be paid. There are over 205 xactimate writing careers waiting for you to apply! 32 Roofing Insurance Claim jobs available on Indeed. You might want to do a checklist for the items you want to get paid for: drip edge, 2nd layer tear off, extra layer of felt, higher shingle count due to reduced exposure, chimney flashing, valley metal, detach and reset satellite dish, paint fascia, Xactimate line item for 2 story roof, Xactimate line item for steep roof, skylight flashing, final cleanup (magnetic sweeper for nails etc. If you don’t know that and no one is there to train you, I think you need to get out now or hire on some independent estimator. com pol swimming pools & spas ptg painting – low or no voc rfg roofing scf scaffolding sdg siding sfg soffit, facia, & gutter spe specialty items spg sporting goods & outdoors stj steel joist components stl steel components str stairs stu stucco & exterior plaster Blog Find all our Tuesday Tech Tips here and a few other things Xactimate Supplements and Estimates from $49. 50. With over 10 years of experience, our SFY team handles every step of the claims process effectively and efficiently. com pol swimming pools & spas ptg painting – low or no voc rfg roofing scf scaffolding sdg siding sfg soffit, facia, & gutter spe specialty items spg sporting goods & outdoors stj steel joist components stl steel components str stairs stu stucco & exterior plaster Component List of an Xactimate estimate. 72 of which $6,511. New xactimate writing careers are added daily on SimplyHired. The low-stress way to find your next xactimate writing job opportunity is on SimplyHired. You have to have some base knowledge so you know what to ask for. Monday, november 30, 2020 - friday, december 4, 2020. Roof estimates can be written in Xactimate with or without an Eagle View report. Roofing projects tend to be complex, and determining a price is often tricky. Since our Trade Labor White Paper on changing DMO to RFG codes in Xactimate was published back in June of this year, there has been a firestorm of discussions in the Roofing industry as it pertains to the default setting in Xactimate to DMO labor. 1. For this week’s Tech Tip we’re going to talk about when working in Xactimate and windows go missing. This service will help you improve supplement “turnaround” times and reduce costly omissions. Make sure there is no additional damage they have not seen yet. American Roof Supplements looks out for YOU, the roofer, to make sure you're not leaving money on the table. Our estimators are very knowledgeable of this program and can help you get the scope of your roof and hail damage estimated properly. How insurance companies underpay on roof claims. Giving employers confidence that you are a certified Level 2 Xactimate user. Click OK. Master the tools you need Most contractors are self-taught in this industry and never get past the fundamentals of Xactimate®. You can expect to do 20-25 Xactimate estimates per day. Results For You is the roofing supplement estimate consultant for you. Module 2 ~ The Roofing Industries Tool Box; Module 3 ~ Where to get Roofing Leads; Module 4 ~ Keeping Track of your Roofing Company; Module 5 ~ Roof Sales; Module 6 ~ How to Order a Roof from a Supplier; Module 7 ~ Insurance Claims Department Phone # PDF; Module 8 ~ Roofing Lawyer Services Quick question : Does anyone by chance have a list of supplemental items saved when discussing with the desk adjusters? I hear many contractors have a macro saved in Xactimate of all of the supplemental items they used in the past. If prompted, choose Supplement from the Supplement/Correction dialog box. The course utilizes video instruction, hands-on interaction, practice exercises, and assessments. _____ $25 estimate. If you want an item included on your Xactimate roof estimate, you must list them on our form. The insurance company has an obligation not to pay for the depreciated value of the roof, but they have an obligation on an RCV claim to pay the full replacement cost value (RCV) of the roof. Click the Calculator icon for Calc in the Quick entry pane. Skilled in Introduction. Primary function includes, but not limited to, creating Xactimate estimates and supplements for residential roof, interior, and exterior claims and engagement with the insurance carriers to discuss estimate. EXCITING NEWS: if you are writing your supplement estimates in Xactimate®, photos can be added at the end of the report! This can save you from having to send multiple emails to the insurance company (and Xactimate pro's estimate & settlement experts (beaumont) qr code link to this homework help hotline number post. Select a formula, and enter the required information. Extremely thorough, I am most experienced in writing estimates for Residential & Commercial roofing, exterior, and interior repair, and am also well versed in handling claims dealing with water remediation. I have worked with Xactimate for 11 Years now doing water & fire restoration estimates and now roofing. There are a lot of training options out there. This is an incorrect assumption. . In most cases the Xactimate estimate will be prepped already Pros: Xactimate have a complete prices list that includes all trades required for the restoration industry and described in the CSI's 16 divisions in construction. 28 Fully adhered 90 mil = 485. Go Here for more pricing options. 3. The average supplement you can expect to achieve across the board using these methods is $2500, so if you are a salesman who does 50 jobs each year, you can expect to add an additional $125,000 in sales to your year in supplements alone. 5. Your report will be estimated using the the most recent price-list for your loss location zip code. In the Valley list, select the valley type for the roof. Restoration Service, claims, insurance estimating services, Xactimate Insurance Claim in Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina At Bert Roofing, we use Xactimate in Dallas for our roofing services. Click the Complete tab. It’s rarely a huge number and it certainly wasn’t in this case. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. What's the difference between ours and theirs? We won't manipulate the software to benefit our company; the adjusters do. What line items do you generally use . In most cases the Xactimate estimate will be prepped already Faux Laminates Classic Horizon – 3tab shingle; look for the key ways New Horizon shingle is a solid 36” shingle RFG – 300 Photos show the unique characteristics not considered storm related. Even if the current shingle on the roof is a 20 year shingle, they get a 25 year. Which means that they have to pay the cost of a brand new roof at today’s rate. loved it (actually only 20 minutes so far. Xactimate is incredibly accurate IF the estimator/adjuster knows what they are doing. Open an estimate. I got a bid from a large flat roofing company at $8,500. Can manage a full construction company from the ground up but am The following is a list of abbreviated trade names and their meanings (taken from the Labor Component SmartList in Xactimate): CARP-FNC : Carpenter—Finish, Trim/Cabinet CARP-FRM : Carpenter—General Framer The minimum number of hits to qualify for roof replacement is 8 – 10. this review is the representation of Triple Blood Balance supplement which might work effectively in In this roofing contractor video a brief synopsis of insurance supplements is given. If not, someone can forward the list. Starter Course Shingles. The low-stress way to find your next xactimate writing job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Spacebar Change Roof Type Press Spacebar with the roof tool in the cursor, to change the roof type. Learn more about the Xactimate pricing program used to work up your roofing claim When your insurance company writes up a claim, it most likely uses Xactimate. For the first item i would like to suggest: 1) Sheet metal enclosures for water heaters. Most roofing contractors don’t send their Xactimate roof estimates to the correct place! We also cover an in-depth look at roof supplementing -from start to finish- including integrating building codes into your Xactimate estimate, the structure of the Xactimate estimate and talking with insurance adjusters during the insurance restoration xactimate estimating software codes and descriptions !! 3 ! disaster411. Benefits of being a certified Xactimate user include: Marketing yourself as one of the most proficient Xactimate users in the business. Each component has its own measurement unit, whether it is square feet or linear feet or the number of items. Am doing Xactimate Supplements. Mar 16, 2018 - Explore Bill Michael's board "Xactimate 28" on Pinterest. Generally, when I’ve filed a supplement for the xactimate price increases from…say May to June…the insurance companies have gone ahead and made the adjustment. 97 likes. Property owners have the obligation of immediately mitigating damages. You will gain the tools required to Win! Stop Leaving Money On The Table! Insurance Adjuster in Cañon City, Your insurance uses a systems called Xactimate. The “Empire Style” makes the Xactimate estimate easy to read, review, and understand. ). Apply to Claims Associate, Senior Claims Manager, Roofing Specialist and more! We use Xactimate to write claim estimates that meet insurance company standards, helping your business to move closer to completion and payment. (Xactimate) this is what I have. Once within the Component List, select the option to view Retail Labor Rate components. 3-6 hrs* Super Rush-Delivery option. Xactware maintains a comprehensive database of building costs for over 500 geographic locations. 57 was all supplement! The best way to achieve this is to supplement the adjuster’s Xactimate estimate with your own Xactimate estimate since it provides the documentation and itemization needed, and since its pricing methods are the same as those used by the adjuster. The most significant step in becoming an efficient user of XactimateⓇ is proper training. ESX for Xactimate™/ XML for Symbility™ 24 hrs* or less Standard Turnaround. Interior restoration billed at $125/hour not to exceed 1. Xactimate Estimates & Supplements, LLC is a consulting firm that assists roofing contractors in writing thorough and professional estimates In the Roof Material list, select your material (3 tab shingles, laminated shingles, or wood shingles/shakes). 10% waste (changes depending on type) Shingles add and removal Felt Drip edge (perimeter) Valley flashing Ridge cap Detach and reset vents and pipes Steep and 2 story if necessary F Roof Click the Roof button to create a roof on the Sketch Workspace. . I’m wondering if anyone is gracious enough to share with me that list so that I can look at each item and learn/figure out what they mean and how I can use them Xactimate doesn’t just have a list of items that are known supplements. Estimate Writers is staffed by Xactimate instructors, former adjuster’s and contractors that understand all aspects of the claims industry. … XACTIMATE 411 | Estimating Software Codes and Descriptions Here is a list of the codes and descriptions used in the Xactimate Estimating Software, which may be helpful to both property insurance adjusters and restoration companies for training purposes. Xactimate is insurance industry’s widely acceptable pricing method and is updated monthly for all zip codes in the United States and Canada. 00 per Xactimate / 75. February 28, 2021 Editor. Its complicated for most home owners, Call Now for Claim Help 719-431-0818 Roof Supplement Specialist, Las Vegas, Nevada. For example, W represents the square feet of walls in a room. Premium Roof, Walls Standard, and Gutter Report option. I am currently Xactimate certified and hold an active Xactimate 28 license. We take away the cost of purchasing xactimate software, hiring someone to use it and/or learning to use it yourself. Price changes to a Retail Labor Rate here will affect prices in all items in the estimate that use this Retail Labor Rate. This list allows you to view and modify all Retail Labor Rates used within the estimate. Once installed, you are required to register before you are able to access price lists, enter items or Residential Roofing Estimates & Supplements. We use the same software as insurance adjusters, Xactimate, to complete an estimate for the claim. Following are a couple of methods for supplementing an Xactimate estimate. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. e. I’ve written estimates for many of roofs based solely on the fact the shingle was a recall and discontinued, Owen Corning providence being the main one. R904. Open— roofing material meets along the valley, but it is cut on both sides down the center so that the material does not overlap. Below is a list of our most popular options. On the Estimate items tab, click Items. It has been removed from more current workbooks, but the line items still exist for the adjusters to add the line items. Sometimes windows may be closed by other users in your system or Xactimate will somehow Claim Supplement Pro, INC. Claim Game was founded to assist general contractors and roofing companies with the complex task of roof insurance claims processes. We use our decades of experience in the industry to get your Xactimate supplement services or estimate done quickly, saving you money with our low hourly rate of $99 per hour (interior restoration billed at $125/hour not to exceed 1. Whether you’re a veteran contractor or just learning the ins and outs of Xactimate, these five tips can help you speed up your estimating work and accomplish more each workday. 00 Purchase Xactimate 28 Proficiency Course. Roofing companies do not use two separate crews when replacing the roof. Clicking on the link will go to a details page with a fiddler type test button to test it. Will deal with insurance companies for you but will charge a 4% premium for accepted supplemented amounts as well as the cost of the Xactimate. Study Common Xactimate Codes - Reversed flashcards from Mark Harter's class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. When you need a firm quote for roofing repair or installation, you need the Xactimate software to provide reliability. We do mostly re-roofs so I add a 2 hour labor charge each for cutting siding and installing. The Xactimate Roof Estimating course covers roofing construction concepts and how to estimate a roofing loss using Xactimate's roof drawing software. David Bitan is a roofing professional, licensed contractor, and the owner and founder of Bumble Roofing based in Southern California. When there is an issue, the online support team is very helpful. On xactimate it’s called Flashing-Kick-out diverter FLKICK it is a building code in my area xactimate pays $39. With a wide range of different services and materials that go into such a project, coming up with estimates can be daunting. Ready to begin? Contact us now! We'll move your project from quote towards settlement today. E Dormer Press E to add a dormer to the Sketch Workspace. To show the items modified by the supplement in Payment Tracker follow the steps below: Click Payment Tracker. If you want to use a value not on the EagleView (for instance, a partial roof replacement) you must indicate that as well. Select a line item in the list below the Quick entry pane. Mechanically attached 90 mil = 397. . Xactimate Mobile is published as a free application on the existing application stores available for each device. This media based training is ideal for new or existing Xactimate users. Roofing estimates can be written in Xactimate with or without an Aerial Measurement report. The original adjuster Xactimate is a multiplatform claims estimating software system widely used by insurance company adjusters to build estimates for repair or replacement on roofing and restoration jobs. 00 per Xactimate with sketch. We create custom Xactimate we are xactimate estimate writers for insurance estimates including attorneys, general contractors, roofing, mitigation contractors remodelers and restoration: Guaranteed turn around times for delivered completed estimates. Most take less than an hour. It’s not an easy task to run a business, deal with insurance companies and use complicated estimating […] In Xactimate, the lowest quality shingle is a 25 year shingle. Allow the customer to walk you through all areas of concern and express their concerns. S provides claim solutions for Homeowners & Contractors. This program is owned by Verisk Analytics whose parent companies include Travelers, AIG, & The Hartford. Luckily it was Chubb one of the best insurers out there so they didn't sweat the price! Xactimate certification validates that a user has the knowledge to accurately and efficiently create an estimate in Xactimate. Roofing is easy, the standard is 15% right? As any roofer can easily point out – it depends on how cut up a roof is. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. If you’re a business owner who does 150 roofs, you’re adding $375,000 in pure, profitable supplements using this system. it’s 3:34am and I have another xactimate to do for appointments tomorrow). Then walk through and measure all of the rooms. Xactimate Codes > Common Xactimate Codes > Flashcards 20 Yr comp shingle roofing -w/out felt 3 RFG 220E 3 tab 20 Yr comp. 5%). Learn faster with spaced repetition. XactimateⓇ is the number one estimating program used by insurance adjusters, roofing companies, water mitigation, restoration, remodeling and re-building contractors. Stick with the trusted experts. Undamaged Drip Edge Over Felt On The Rake. Integrity Roofing and Painting, LLC is comprised of roofers, contractors, administrators, a former adjuster and former insurance agent staffer. Insurance Claim Formats – . ESTIMATE-LONG- Same as the "ESTIMATE" form except this is a legal size page to allow for more writing room for the Roofing Estimate. ” He makes a powerful point. I'm using logic apps to call the custom web api to upload pdfs that are stored on blob storage. The Range of “Professional” Roofers is Wide It’s not hard to look into a group of roofers and determine who are more than likely the professional roofers among them. If you are already working claims and need to supplement insurance claim roof estimates, we can help. Xactimate Roof Due to the vulnerable nature of roofing systems during hail, wind and ice storms, Xactimate roof estimates are the most common type of estimates we write. Enroll today to join the most robust program available for Inspections, Estimates and Supplements. Click Formulas to view a complete list of available formulas. If Xactimate people check this website they can use our list to improve the software. Select and download the appropriate price list. 205 xactimate writing jobs available. See more ideas about excel hacks, excel shortcuts, independent insurance. It also has current market value pricing for your area as Xactimate updates their price list every month and is considered to be the Gold Standard in estimating software. Consultation with Write My Estimate is always free! So whether you’re a homeowner who needs a professional estimator service on your side, or if you’re a repair contractor in need of professional Xactimate Estimator Services, you can really do yourself a favor by calling or contacting Write My Estimate as soon as possible. This list allows you to view and modify all Retail Labor Rates used within the estimate. When you present one of our Xactimate estimates to an adjuster, the estimate will instantly communicate your professionalism. Leverage the power of Xactimate when estimating losses. Roof estimating writing services will take into account often relevant local and national building code requirements that apply to your area and roof type. Top contractors increase revenue by 10-25% when they supplement every insurance jobs. This popular construction pricing program is the system of choice for almost every major insurance company and provides a price list that is regularly updated with the cost of items in Let's start a list of items missing from Xactimate. Identify and use accurate estimate items. The Xactimate Roof Estimating course teaches a user how to estimate a roofing loss using Xactimate 28. I did a flat roof on a shingled roof a month or so ago and Xactimate pricing was way way way off. Xactimate Online Need the fast-track to mastering supplementing, overcoming adjusters' objections, and becoming proficient at Xactimate? Look no further. Rates start as low as $50. com. We have compiled a list of the 9 most common items found missing from adjusters’ estimates that our clients use to supplement insurance claim roofing estimates. The answer is absolutely 100% yes! That money is part of the project. A copy of that portion of the workbook is attached. Create a new project in Xactimate. While … Roofing Supplement List: Top 10 Items Insurance Carriers Reject In the past couple of months, we’ve noticed a trend when it comes to adjusters. Click the Roof drop-down button to select the type of roof that you want. Xactimate Estimates & Supplements, Toledo, Ohio. Xactimate assumes roofing companies use two different crews throughout the process. 622 Xactimate Estimator jobs available on Indeed. Residential / Commercial – Starting $30. Restoration Supplement Services With over 15 years of Xactimate experience, our team of ex-general adjusters, PA’s, and appraisal experts can produce some of the best scopes in the industry for one flat rate. If you provide an Aerial Measurement it lists roof measurements needed to write the roofing estimate. Tiger Strip 3 tab RFG - 240 4tab tapered edge 5” face RFG - 240. Maybe $500 total. In addition, you will improve your cash flow by reducing average approval and collection times. The Xactimate 28 Proficiency Training course contains over six hours of instruction necessary for a user to be truly proficient in Xactimate 28. Xactimate Supplement Service Overview. . It's easy to work with. Call us for pricing details and a demo. 3 days later the adjuster called the homeowner directly to let them know they were issuing full payment of $9,828. Click the division that contains the price list item you're searching for, then continue drilling down through the categories until you find the price list item you're searching for. For future claims, use this list of what we have found to be the most common missed items and make sure you document them going forward to ensure supplements are covered! 1. Clearfield Claims LLC exists to bring you quick and efficient estimates and supplements to allow you more time to grow your business: Water Mitigation, Roofing, Restoration, Contracting, & Storm Repair. The Advanced Sales & Supplement Program will teach you how to master supplementing by following my Master List which contains over 100 creative “outside the box” Xactimate items (not your typical, basic ridge and starter, drip edge, flashings nonsense. We Specialize In Providing Utmost Accurate And Most Up-To-Date Estimates On Going Rates For Labor, Materials, And Equipment In Your Loss Location Using Xactimate® Software And Its Location Specific & Most Recent Price List. New xactimate writing careers are added daily on SimplyHired. When punched up at 4 sq it was $2,500. My Advanced Sales & Roofing Supplements have become a critical part of the Insurance Roofing industry. They do not use uninsured day laborers to remove the existing roof and then another skilled labor insured crew to install the new materials. Not an Adjuster! Grow your business. 5% xactimate estimating software codes and descriptions !! 3 ! disaster411. 24 We Assist Roofing & Restoration Contractors with Roofing Insurance Supplements using extensive industry knowledge and tools such as Xactimate. If you order an EagleView it provides the quantity for square feet, ridge, steep, step flashing, drip edge, eaves, rake, and valleys. starter strips, ridge shingles, weaving in a valley) will vary dramatically between a ranch house and a Victorian. Address: 505 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Ste 144, Houston TX 77060 Xactimate 28 Proficiency Training – $119. Well the fact that you are calling the "crutch" "Exactimate" instead of it's correct name, Xactimate kind of explains a fair amount. . Go into the rooms next to the rooms of concern. xactimate roofing supplement list